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Castillo Showroom, Product Wholesaler


When we first met with Sylvia Castillo, President of Castillo Showroom in 2010, her company’s marketing looked like a blank slate to the exception of a one-sided business card presenting a rough logo. At that time, Castillo Showroom was serving 230 retail stores in the United States, to whom she and her small team of 2 employees represented companies like TOMS, FEED and Dan Eldon. Sylvia was ready to expand, and following the recommendation of her business consultant, agreed to embark on an ambitious marketing journey involving the expertise of Not Maurice.


The first challenge in marketing Castillo Showroom resided in creating a brand that would not overpower, shadow or compete with the brands of the represented companies. The second challenge consisted in combining the creation of an online presence for Castillo Showroom to attract new retailers, while at the same time modernizing the business by allowing clients to process orders of apparel and accessories for any collection available or items on sale through the website.

the Not Maurice strategy

The Not Maurice Strategy
Consequently, when we started working with Castillo Showroom, the initial project consisted in creating an umbrella brand that would communicate what Sylvia and her team bring to their clients: popular apparel and accessories that sell well, supported by an excellent customer service. Once complete, we moved on to elaborating on the visual identity for her collateral: business cards, and e-signatures and printed order forms.

The subsequent project consisted in structuring, designing, developing and optimizing the new website in order to serve the following goals: present the brands in an attractive manner to appeal to retail stores, feature the latest news of those brands, inform the client of the up-coming shows and connect the site with Brandboom, the software that the fashion industry uses for online ordering. Developed in Drupal, the site offers convenient content management capabilities to maintain current and relevant content. In the meantime, we established a social media presence to boost Castillo Showroom ranking amongst search engines and generate more visibility.

Over the last few years, the website was updated to accommodate the introduction of new brands and the discontinuation of others and to support the evolution of current brand offerings.

Once the website launched, Sylvia Castillo agreed to embrace e-mail marketing as a way to regularly communicate new collections, products and fashion trade show information to her clients.


As of today, Castillo Showroom is doing very well, with four strong brands represented (TOMS, FEED, Krochet Kids and Aviator Nation). The Showroom boasts almost 400 worldwide retail stores as clients, maintains a showroom in the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles and employs five people. Once again, the alignment of a client’s business vision combined with the Not Maurice marketing strategy and implementation delivers powerful results.

Not Maurice services provided:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding Strategy
  • Branding Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing

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