DTA Captures 2012 FAI XIII World Microlight Championship Title


Delta Trikes Aviation Captures 2012 FAI XIII World Microlight Championship Title

VENICE, CA (September 17, 2012) – Delta Trikes Aviation (DTA), a French microlight aircraft manufacturer, rose above 50 competitors from 12 countries to become the International Air Sports Federation’s (FAI) 13th World Microlight Champion last month.

Not Maurice, Creative Marketing, Branding and Advertising Agency congratulates long-time client DTA on their spectacular finish in this highly challenging competition, which took place over an entire week, from August 11 through 18, 2012, in Marugan, Spain.

Piloted by a two-man team, Guillaume Richard and Georges Monier, the winning aircraft was DTA’s innovative “Combo SURF 912S” microlight tricycle design equipped with their aerodynamic “Magic” model wing.

Not Maurice has supported DTA’s marketing’s efforts for more than 10 years, creating their company brands, product names, online presence and multiple advertising campaigns. In order to increase product brand awareness, DTA trusted Not Maurice to design the logos for the Combo trike and Magic wing.

Not Maurice is proud of its contribution to DTA’s continuing growth. There is no doubt that the DTA success story is still in the making!

About Delta Trikes Aviation
DTA is the world’s #2 manufacturer of ultralight/microlight (ULM) aircraft, based in Montelimard, France. Passionate about flight, the company has engineered many innovations since 1990 that have been adopted by the industry. DTA’s distribution network encompasses a dozen countries globally while its website welcomes over 300 daily visitors originating from more than 90 different countries. To learn more about DTA microlights, visit

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