Should a company’s blog be part of its website or should it stand-alone?


Strategically, the purpose of blogging for a company is multi-fold:

-       It adds valuable content to the company website to reinforce its visibility as an expert on its market, reinforce its position as the place to visit to learn more about its products and services as well as boost the strength of its strategic keywords for search engines,

-       It keeps the site current by adding new information regularly (increase the authority and ranking of the site for Search Engines)

-       It creates new pages with interesting content (sales, education, FAQs …) that will support the lead generation process.

So blogging is definitely valuable.

Now, in order for the company website to benefit from the blogging investment in resources, the blog needs to be present under the same domain name. The URL should look like /blog/title_of_the_blog_post or

By not doing so, all the benefits mentioned above would be diluted.

The ultimate goal of blogging is to grow website, to keep it current and to make it a good resource center for your prospects and customers or clients.


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