Seeing as you are an expert in your field, I must ask which do you believe is the most effective, email advertising, mail or referral-based?


In response to your question, here is what I’d like to share:

Each of the marketing tools you mentioned is definitely valuable. Ideally, you would want all of them to be part of your marketing strategy and plan to get as many qualified leads as possible to support you to grow your business.

Email marketing is known to have one of the highest conversion rates (around 3%) when properly executed and timed. It is a good way to nurture your prospects and clients on a regular basis and that way stay on the top of their mind when a need for your services or/ and products arise.

Mail marketing is making a come back due to the over use of electronic media in business communication. The average conversion rate is below 0.5 %. Due to the printing and shipping costs involved, it is necessary to plan a marketing campaign with a powerful message to get a good return on the investment.

Referral-based is great and usually the sales process is easier when you receive a lead from a referral. Establishing a network of power partners is a great way to boost the number of referrals you would receive.

Once that said, before choosing your next marketing move, I would need to know more about your business, your ideal client as well as your marketing budget to be able to make a recommendation.

If you are interested, we could talk together about your marketing goals and discover what would make sense for you and your business. Here is my phone # (310) 356-6177. Feel welcome to give me a call at your best convenience.

Have a great afternoon and looking forward to our conversation!

Catherine Chevalier, Marketing Strategist

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