• Delta Trikes Aviation (DTA) – Campaign

    Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    DTA has been a client of Not Maurice for more than a decade. During those years, so many marketing tools were used to develop a world brand reputation: from websites to print ads, from signage to product names. You name it, we did it! Today, DTA is leading its market segment and continue its steady growth.

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  • KBI (Karine Boveroux Instrument) – Campaign

    European Pilot Shop

    KBI has us creating and developing all kind of marketing materials: catalogs, brochures, ads, flyers, stationery set, cards, posters and much more. We established a powerful brand with the “comic” illustration look that made KBI very popular and recognizable along the competition. A very good example of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

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  • Marathon Power – Campaign

    UPS Manufacturer

    Marathon Power’s campaign is in full speed! We have been created and produced lot of marketing pieces for this energetic company: Branding, brochure, website, product sheets, manuals, trade show displays, e-vite, photo shots and more…

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  • Matisse by Lee Homes – Campaign

    Builder and Developer

    Matisse, a home community located in Playa De Rey, California, was ready to be marketed to potential home buyers. In order to do so, branding, newspaper and magazine ads, brochure, site map and mailers were amongst the tools created to develop some interest in that community and support the sales force in making the deals happen.

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  • LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce – Campaign

    Chamber of Commerce

    In 2007, the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce decided to overhaul its marketing. The first project consisted in creating a new logo, then came a makeover of the website and finally a new sign, some promotional items and apparel.

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  • Castillo Showroom – Campaign

    Product Wholesaler

    Castillo Showroom, a fashion product wholesaler, was in dire need of marketing to bring their sales to the next level when they hired Not Maurice. Several projects were carried over in order to provide them with a brand, an online presence and some printed sales tools.

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  • Westchester Town Center – Campaign

    Business Improvement District

    The Westchester Business Improvement District decided to start marketing itself in 2009. First came the naming of the BID then a logo enhancement, a complete new website,  some signage and an advertising campaign. The goal: put Westchester Town Center on the map!

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  • Legend Lines – Campaign

    Legendary Car Apparel Designer

    Legend Lines is a company in its start-up phase so it was essential to establish a strong brand as a foundation as well as creating the necessary marketing tools to create some interest in the products and deliver some sales. Check how we brought our creative energy and our know-how to that project.

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