• Anaheim Garden Walk – Ambiance Video

    Builder and Developer

    We created this 15 minutes HD video for the Anaheim Garden Walk, one of the major commercial centers of Southern California. The video, entirely made of graceful still pictures, features all the aspect of the mall: Food, entertainment, fashion, retail stores and of course the main feature of the center water fountains. The video plays on several big screen TVs through out the mall.

  • Anaheim Garden Walk – Promotional Video

    Builder and Developer

    The video was made while the commercial center was still under construction. It shows renderings, CGI animations of this astonishing building, and its different terraces and gardens. It was created to promote, show and convince the potential tenants of the commercial value of the mall.

  • Global Gaming Expo by Cuningham Group – Presentation Video


    What a great way to start a presentation by introducing the topic using video. In this one, the goal is to invite Native American Casino owners to invest in branding because the biggest brands have higher brand equity and consequently generate higher revenue. Discover this 2 minutes video to get a feel for how we engaged the audience!

  • The Cairo Citadel by Madison Marquette – Promotional Video

    Developers of Retail and Mixed-Use Real Estate

    Madison Marquette was contacted by promoters to work on the rehabilitation of one of the most touristic place of the city of Cairo: the Citadel of Salah al-Din. As part of their presentation package, they needed a 1:30 minute introduction video to present their architectural vision of this cultural/religious symbolic place.

  • Delta Trikes Aviation (DTA) – Promotional Video

    Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    DTA needed a video to presents their line of trikes, wings and gyrocopter while traveling to different air shows but also as a demo for their potential clients as well. We edited a 4 minutes video from a collection of still pictures of all their machines and wings, and animated to create this showcase video.

  • La Brea by Madison Marquette – Promotional Video

    Developers of Retail and Mixed-Use Real Estate

    La Brea is an urban adaptive reuse development project that will transform an entire city block into one of Los Angeles’ most sought after shopping and dining destinations. We created this 2 minutes video from scratch, using only still pictures and illustrations. It reflects what La Brea was, is and will be, in a very artistic way.

  • Los Angeles Headquarters Association (LAHQ) – Conference Video


    LAHQ wanted a video to commemorate, review and remember all the great moments and accomplishments this incredible organization has done for the greater Los Angeles business communities. Hundreds of pictures were assembled to create this 5 more minutes video that was played at their annual 2008 Luncheon.

  • Loong Resort by Cuningham Group Architecture – Promotional Video


    This 4 minutes promotional video was produced with the intent to convince investors to join a new project: a theme park for the Chinese Market. It illustrates the different attractions that are considered to create as much fun and entertainment as possible. That video was part of the investor pitch package.

  • PCBC by Cutler Enterprises – Conference Video

    Marketing Agency

    PCBC is a yearly conference that gathers America’s most prominent single family and multifamily builders. Discover what we created for one of the speaker: a 5.5 minutes video that introduce to those builders some crucial lessons in inventory management learned from the high-end retail industry.

  • RSI Development by Cutler Enterprises – Video Pitch

    Marketing Agency

    This 2 minutes video is pitching an advertising agency branding strategy to a potential client: RSI Development, a Real Estate builder. Some dynamic content blended with some professional pictures and marketing tools rendering create an engaging, colorful and joyful vibe that invite to want to know more!

  • Synergy – Promotional Video

    Restaurant Consulting Firm

    45 seconds were used to introduce the different consulting services Synergy offers to its restaurant clients: Branding, Menu, Design and Management. This video was used as a landing video before entering the website… A nice way to illustrate the value proposition and to end with the Synergy logo.

  • Tess 3.0 by Cutler Enterprises – Conference Video

    Marketing Agency

    In 2011, the Cunningham group organizes the TESS 3.0 conference for its clients (theme park, casino and resort owners). That year event theme was “The Power of One” in sustainability practices. Not Maurice created this 4.5 minutes video that introduces that theme. Check it out to discover some interesting information and the visual effects.

  • G2E Asia by WATG – Conference Video

    Design Consultants for the Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment Industries.

    A promotional video we created for a conference presentation.

    57 seconds to engage the audience for the up-coming presentation.

  • Excelangues – Flash Animation

    Foreign languages adult learning center

    We created this 30 seconds cartoon animation for Excelangues, a leader in adult foreign languages for business learning center. The video is use for multiple purposes as on the website, DVD’s lessons, company presentation and booth while exposing at shows.

  • CM Pictures – Animated Logo

    Independent Movie/ DVD Producer

    This is a perfect example of how to animate an existing logo, for video, TV, web or any other multimedia purposes. The logo was created long ago, and was showed on screen with “no life”. They didn’t want extraordinary “FX” nor astonishing animation, but just a very simple way of  presenting their logo.