• Marathon Power – Brochure

    UPS Manufacturer

    When we start working with Marathon Power, they had a need for a 4 pages brochure to present their line of products, but first we needed to establish a branding, and this was the perfect starting point. We later created several documents following the visual identity we created.

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  • Delta Trikes Aviation (DTA) – Print Ads

    Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    We have been creating many printed ads for DTA over the years. Our goal: always stay above the competition in term of design as they do in terms of technologies. We constantly innovate, respond to the clientele expectations, and are parts of the constant grow that make DTA a world leader in the world of microlight aircrafts.

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  • Almeria by Empire Communities – Brochure

    Home Builder and Developer

    The logo we designed for Almeria was so inspiring that it also became the cover of the 10 pages presentation brochure. Colorful and mysterious, the brochure carries Andalusia charm, grace and beauty through out the pages. It was entered and competed for best brochure at the Elan Awards, and was very well received!

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  • Castillo Showroom – Postcard

    Product Wholesaler

    Castillo Showroom is still a relatively young company; thereof our fist job was to create a unique branding for their printed and online medias. We then apply the branding to their business card, and to an oversize postcard that presents their unique products. We later develop also their website based on the same visual identity.

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  • Canterbury Place by Empire Communities – Brochure

    Home Builder and Developer

    The theme of the Canterbury Place’s logo was carried out through out this magnificent 16 pages brochure. In order to highlight the logo, we decided to design the brochure in a square format. Ghosted and beautiful images of daisies illustrate the pages, modern and cursive typefaces are mix together to create this appealing floor plan brochure.

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  • Betty Betts Escrow Company – Business Card, Booklet & Ads

    Independent Escrow Company

    Betty Betts Escrow Company is one of those clients that we love. We are always supporting our clients to grow, and she is the perfect example. We boosted her logo, design a full color and B & W ads and created a very creative time machine 8 pages booklet for her 50th anniversary.

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  • Grand Loft by Lee Homes – Print Ads

    Lofts Community – Home Builder and Developer

    Located in the heart of downtown L.A., those are perfect example of what an artist loft is all about. We designed a set of unique and very creative and visual images for the “artistic” clientele and then another set of ads, targeting this time,  the “Intellectual” clientele. The ads reflect both creative styles, sharing the same lifestyle.

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  • Creating Balance – Brochure

    Holistic Nutrition Consultant

    This is a typical small business, small budget project, but small doesn’t means poor quality or design in our eyes. We created this three-panel pamphlet that reflect the wellness and freshness, representative of the services Creating Balance offers.

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  • Lee Homes – Print Ads

    Home Builder and Developer

    Those magnificent prints are so minimalist that they are speaking for themselves. A very well selected, and beautiful image, a one-word tag line, a bold color embedding the Lee Group’s logo was enough to Inspired everyone in a dream about their future home.

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  • ily music – Brochure

    Music Production Company

    After creating their logo, ily music asked us to design a 4 pages catalog to present their music collections. Fresh and relaxing, as their music, the catalog is a valuable tool to help grow that music production company. The same visual identity was given to their website.

  • KBI (Karine Boveroux Instruments) – Catalogue

    Pilot Shop

    KBI has us creating and developing all kind of printed materials: 56 pages catalogs, brochures, ads, flyers, stationary set, cards, posters and more. We established a complete branding with the “comic Illustration” look that made KBI very popular and recognizable along the competition. A very good example of a complete branding exercise.

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  • Malibu Pool Services / Locksmith – Print Ad

    Pool Services

    This company is the on the top of their game when it’s come to discrete, confidential and excellence of services. They are among companies that provide services to the Who’s Who of the Malibu community. We created simple, aesthetic and pleasant set of ads that run in local magazines and newspapers

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  • Matisse by Lee Homes – Brochure

    Home Builder and Developer

    This homes community located in Playa De Rey, was named after the famous French artist Henry Matisse, known for his use of colors. We imagine what will he do if he was in charge of the project and we designed several beautiful and colorful printed pieces. We carry on his style and perception of shapes, to establish a unique branding.

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  • Westchester Town Center – Print Ads

    Business Improvement District

    In addition to some other creative projects, The Business Improvement District of the city of Westchester asked us to create and design an ad campaign to promote their local business. Throughout the year, we design attractive ads, emphasizing the theme of the month.

  • Market Lofts by Lee Homes – Mailer

    Loft Community – Home Builder and Developer

    Living in a loft in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, is a bold statement of lifestyle. After establishing the look and feel that we wanted to create, we designed a series of ads, postcards, table tents and other printed materials for this magnificent and beautiful loft community.

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  • Island View by Pacific Heritage Communities – Print Ads

    Home Builder and Developer

    We created a series of full color, full-page ads for Island view, a beautiful homes community located in Oxnard. Playful, dynamic and creative, those ads were run in several newspaper and magazines, and were very received by the audience.

  • David Bataillie – Brochure & business Card

    Rug Specialist

    The David Bataillie’s company is pretty unique, in a sense of what they do is unique: They assembly pieces of luxury wool carpet to make the most beautiful carpeting design find in palaces, castles and other incredible buildings. The knowledge and tools are century old, but the twist and approach are contemporary.

  • Bella Vista by Pacific Heritage Communities – Mailer

    Home Builder and Developer

    Pacific Heritage, the developer of Bella Vista Community, asked us to design an ad campaign for their senior beach community, located in Oxnard, CA. We created full color ads that reflect the dynamic life style of this particular target while launching a mailing campaign with postcards.

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  • Urban Life Cleaners – Print Ads

    Dry Cleaning Store Chain

    Located in the heart of downtown high-rises, Urban Life Cleaners asked us to design a set of ads and multimedia posters. We created those clean and modern visuals, using simple and sharp images, and paling on shades of white and blue to emphasize the cleanness, reliability and professionalism of the company.

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  • Siena by Lee Homes – Print Ads

    Home Builder and Developer

    We designed for Siena Homes, a homes community located in Woodland Hills, a set of ads portraying their spoke person: La Reine Chabut, fitness expert and author. We created those ads using bold colors and typeface…

  • EAT’M (Emerging Artists and Talents in Music) – Print Ad

    Music Business Convention

    We carry on the theme “Rock’n’Roll” that we created for the logo, along the complete stationery set. Their slogan being “Take a bite of the music biz”, we literally apply the concept to the media, and had a die cut form of a bit off the corner of the prints. We also created a set of “Rock’n’Roll” ads.

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  • Valandre – Print Ad

    High Altitude Sleeping Bag and Outwear Manufacturer

    Valandre had their advertising going the “wrong way” with an ad agency based in Colorado, so they asked us to repair the damage caused and redirect their message to their consumer. We created the first of a long coming series of new ads, re-insuring them the position of world leader.

  • Cooltouch Monitors – Print Ad

    Monitors Manufacturer

    The niche market that Cooltouch is targeting is the world of picture perfect, engineers of the video signals, gurus of the broadcasting. We created a full-page ad for their annual convention show in Las Vegas. The colorful ad presents the top of the line of their products in media monitoring.

  • Magiquest by Creative Kingdoms – Leaflet

    Theme Park Developer

    The world of magic has always be fascinating, but when it is mixed with a treasure hunt, it’s almost becomes addictive. We designed for the company; a mysterious, powerful and impressive visual to illustrates the game. Then we created a 24 pages booklet to guide the visitors through out the park and the quest.

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  • Les Petits Bilingues – Brochure

    English school as second language

    As for the logo, the important message to communicate was learning English while still having fun. We created this three-panels pamphlet, with bold colors, amusing visuals and fun typefaces. For the cover, we used the visual of their online quiz game.

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  • Masure – Brochure

    Luxury Wool Carpet Manufacturer

    Masure is in business for more than 250 years! It is synonym of incredible quality of wool carpeting. Palaces, castles, presidential offices and embassies have been carpeted in high style by this company. We created two distinctive brochures to present their expertise, using a mix of classic and modern feel.

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