• Almeria by Empire Communities – Logo

    Home Builder and Developer

    Located in beautiful Southern California, this incredible home community is inspired by the grace and beauty of Spain. Rich and textured, the logo reflects perfectly the mysterious senses of the city of Almeria.

  • Artistic Installations – Logo

    Designer and General Contractor

    When the Artistic senses meet with skills of general contracting, we obtained a different kind of visual identity for this company that created and built the most amazing new home and remodeling works.

  • Brand Aide – Logo

    Law Firm

    When creating a brand, there is much more to the visual aspect. Brand Aide helps to establish and defend the legal aspect of your brand. An elegant and simple one color logo was created to promote this law firm.

  • Legend Lines – Logo

    Legendary Car Apparel Designer

    Driving a legendary sports car is a question of style! Inspired by a “classic” look, Legend Lines’ logo fits perfectly in the world of vintage car racing. The logo was so well received, that they decided to include the design as part of their main collection.

  • Tholen Sustainability Group – Logo

    LEED Certification Consulting Firm

    This group provides LEED for existing buildings: They approached us, and asked us to create a “green” logo… a kind that has never be seen before. We created this original, dynamic and elegant logo that illustrate the cycle of sustainability.

  • Delta Trikes Aviation (DTA) – Logo

    Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    Specialized in the manufacturing of micro-light aircrafts, DTA is today the world leader in this domain. We are very proud to have been part of their success from the beginning. The Logo is now a sign of high quality and reliability for many pilots over the world.

  • Diva by DTA – Logo

    Delta Trikes Aviation: Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    Proud collaborator of DTA’s success, we have created several logos as the company expanded their aircrafts and wings. Diva, a very fast and maneuverable wing, took the essential element of the logo, and embedded it in its own design.

  • Magic by DTA – Logo

    Delta Trikes Aviation: Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    Magic is the “magic” wing in the world of micro-light aircrafts. Mast-less this wing is so practical that it became very fast the most selling wing that DTA ever produced. Again, we took the main design element and embedded it into the logo.

  • Combo by DTA – Logo

    Delta Trikes Aviation – Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    We designed this logo for DTA’s latest and evolutive aircraft. The Combo is a versatile machine with a multitude of options to choose from. The logo was designed using exclusive and an original typeface created for the occasion.

  • J-ro by DTA – Logo

    Delta Trikes Aviation: Micro-light Aircraft and Gyrocopter Manufacturer

    DTA built this incredible aircraft, exploring a new kind of flying way: The Gyrocopter. The Logo is using the Latin way to say Gyro. We created this logo illustrating the wing and shape of the aircraft.

  • LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce – Logo

    Chamber of Commerce

    Serving the communities of Westchester, Marina del Rey, Playa Vista, Playa del Rey and surrounding areas, the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce needed a logo that enhanced the unique and colorful character of these conglomerate cities of Los Angeles.

  • Castillo Showroom – Logo

    Product Wholesaler

    This logo concept is base on a retailer accessory to do business while at the same time brand what Castillo Showroom and its team bring to their retail clients: popular apparel and accessories that sell well, supported by an excellent customer service.

  • Malibu West Locksmith – Logo

    Locksmith Services

    Malibu West Locksmith, due to its clientele including celebrities and wealthy people, is specialized in luxury and high security locks. They asked us to create a clean, fresh and elegant logo that reflects the lifestyle of their customers.

  • Ralph Paradise – Logo

    Clothing Designer

    Is there anyone who knows how Ralph got that smile? Is it because he’s wearing his Hawaiian shirt? Or because he loves the design we’ve created for him?

  • Urban Life Cleaners – Logo

    Dry Cleaner Store Chain

    Located in the heart of the business district of downtown Los Angeles, Urban life cleaners is the high end – super professional dry cleaner to use. We created a logo that suits and matches perfectly their philosophy and clientele.

  • Westwind by Paragone – Logo

    Home Builder and Developer

    The light wind that blows over this coastal community, brings a cooler atmosphere along freshness. We design this logo using elements and colors that speaks ocean, wind and lifestyle.

  • EAT’M (Emerging Artists and Talents in Music) – Logo

    Music Business Convention

    If you love Rock’n’Roll, you will love the logo we designed for this music industry show that happens in Las Vegas. This award winning logo has been shown all over the country.

  • KBI (Karine Boveroux Instruments) – Logo

    Pilot Shop

    An assured personality radiates from this aviation pioneer “Pin-up.” Confident and determined, she stands in the middle of the logo. Could she be Karine?

  • The Canadvocate – Logo

    Online Canadian Publication

    The Canadvocate is an online resource dedicated to advancing Canada’s position as a leading 21st century world power. The logo we created for them definitely illustrates their agenda by bringing several powerful Canadian elements on the world stage.

  • Franck Crepelle – Logo

    Home Care Services

    We created this logo for Franck Crepelle, a painting company, with an approach different. Instead of designing a logo using the “tools’”, we designed the painter in action and brought the human aspect of the job.

  • Canterbury Place by Empire Communities – Logo

    Home Builder and Developer

    We chose the beautiful Daisy flower as the icon for this Southern California home community. Fresh and smiley, the daisy, synonym of happiness, was illustrated not only on the logo but also through out the brochure, signage and other medias.

  • Westchester Town Center – Logo

    Business Improvement District (BID)

    Before launching its marketing push, the Westchester Business Improvement District decided to give a boost to its current logo. They decided to keep the existing visual concept, we brought more color, life and energy to increase its appeal.

  • ily music – Logo

    Music Production Company

    if you are looking for relaxing music for your babies, children or even yourself, ily music offers you a series of CDs that will bring so many benefits to your life…

  • Butterfly Kisses Botanical – Logo

    Beauty Products

    Who has never dream of being kissed by a Butterfly? Delicate, beautiful, and joyous the butterfly represents by itself what the earth is capable of offering. Main element of the logo, it is the heart for this natural botanical line of product.

  • Bentley Rose – Logo

    Residential Community

    Located at the corner of Rose Avenue and Bentley Street in Los Angeles, this residential community easily found its name. We illustrated it with a rose and used a nice Art Deco type face.

  • Corporate Translations – Logo

    Translation Agency

    The corporate world, speak to the world and this is what Corporate Translations do! They translate any kind of documents in any languages. We created this logo using symbols that best represent … well the world of corporations.

  • CoolTouch Monitors – Logo

    Monitors Manufacturer

    Cooltouch is a manufacturer of broadcasting and professional video monitors. They were one of the first to introduce the screen-touch into the industry. For their branding, they wanted a timeless logo with a corporate look and easy to apply on theirs units.

  • Les Petits Bilingues – Logo

    English school as second language

    As for the logo, the important message to communicate was learning English while still having fun. We created this three-panels pamphlet, with bold colors, amusing visuals and fun typefaces. For the cover, we used the visual of their online quiz game.

  • Ocean Pointe by Haseko – Logo

    Home Builder and Developer

    Located in the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii, this residential community takes full advantage of the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. We created this elegant logo using just few graphic lines. The logo was also constructed as a giant sculpture by world known artist James Wolfe.

  • Luck of the Draw – Logo


    Based on poker, Luck of the Draw is a TV concept game very entertaining. We created this logo to illustrate at its best the concept of the game. Using bright colors and shinny effects, we were able to design a in a clever logo.

  • assistant a go-go – Logo

    Assistants Services

    Assistant a Go-go provides you with the best professionals to assist you in your everyday life or business. We use feminine colors and elements to illustrate this energy women business.

  • Wings Music Ministry – Logo


    Two years in a row, Wings Music Ministry organized, a festival called “Leading with Passion, Worship Music” that was hold in Santa Monica. We created for them, this modern colorful and dynamic logo.

  • Westchester Street Improvement Association (WSIA) – Logo


    In order to increase its visibility, WSIA needed a new logo with more personality and that reflected better their role in the community. Check the before and after versions of the logo and the creative story!

  • Creating Balance – Logo

    Holistic Nutrition Consultant

    This logo has been created for a wellness coach specialized in bringing together good nutrition practices and professional organizers technics… just to bring balance back into your life!