• Ansell Healthcare Europe – DVD

    Occupational and Medical Gloves Manufacturer

    Ansell Healthcare Europe, the world leader glove manufacturer, was in need to gather all their video based educational content in one place and make sure it was available in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch). The result: 12 movies, 7 subtitle options available and a professional DVD jacket and cover.

  • Bentley Rose – Signage

    Builder and Developer

    Located at the corner of Rose Avenue and Bentley Street in Los Angeles, this residential community needed to be sold as soon as possible. What better that a collection of signs that would invite to the visit and direct the potential buyer to the sales office and the model apartment.

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  • Betty Betts Escrow Company – Signage

    Independent Escrow Company

    Signage is a must have when you have an office in a business district. After many years without, Betty Betts Escrow Company decided it was time to become more visible. The result, 3 great window signs featuring their colorful logo!

  • Westchester Town Center – Signage

    Business Improvement District (BID)

    In order to promote Westchester Town Center and its businesses to the many driving through, the Business Improvement District decided to invest in colorful branded pole flags featuring their slogan “Shop, Dine & Enjoy! They also extended their marketing to trashcans and promotional banners.

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  • Butterfly Kisses Botanical – Collateral Designs

    Beauty Products

    Before launching its line of natural botanical beauty products, it was essential for Butterfly Kisses Botanical to carry its brand to the labels, packaging and product display racks. Discover how engaging, inviting and soft they are: who has never dream of being kissed by a Butterfly?

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  • LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce – Collateral Designs

    Chamber of Commerce

    Founded in 1953, the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic chamber of commerce that uses the belt and whistles of marketing to continue to spread the word out: signage, promotional items, apparel, business expo (ChamberFest). Check what we created for them during the last 10 years!

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  • Cooltouch Monitors – Collateral Design

    Monitors Manufacturer

    Cooltouch is a manufacturer of broadcasting and professional video monitors. Their niche market is the world of picture perfect, engineers of the video signals, gurus of the broadcasting. In order to appeal to those buyers, we participated to the design of their monitors.

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  • Death in el Vallee by CM Pictures – DVD

    Independent Movie / DVD Producer

    Death in el vallee is a documentary about the Spanish civil war and its secrets. While working with CM Hart, the filmmaker, we made sure to properly communicate the tone of the subject on the DVD jacket, the DVD cover and the DVD menu: some intrigues surrounded with sadness.

  • Luck of the Draw – Set Design

    TV Game Show Project

    Still in the making, this TV game show will be based on card decks of poker … the rest is TOP secret!
    We designed a “visual identity” as well as a basic production design for the game producer, to gain interest from major TV channels … Coming soon!

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  • EAT’M (Emerging Artists and Talents in Music) – Signage

    Music Business Convention

    We carry on the theme “Rock’n’Roll” that we created for the logo, along the signage. Their slogan being “Take a bite of the music biz”, we literally apply the concept to the media, and had a die cut form of a bit off the corner of the prints. We also created a set of “Rock’n’Roll” ads.

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  • ily music – DVDs

    Music Production Company

    if you are looking for relaxing music for your babies, children or even yourself, ily music offers you a series of CDs that will bring so many benefits to your life…

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  • KBI (Karine Boveroux Instruments) – Collateral Designs

    Pilot Shop

    KBI has us creating and developing all kind of printed materials: 56 pages catalogs, brochures, ads, flyers, stationary set, cards, posters and more. We established a complete branding with the “comic Illustration” look that made KBI very popular and recognizable along the competition. A very good example of a complete branding exercise.

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  • La Brea by Madison Marquette – Billboard

    Developers of Retail and Mixed-Use Real Estate

    La Brea is an urban adaptive reuse development project that will transform an entire city block into one of Los Angeles’ most sought after shopping and dining destinations. We created this billboard to present what La Brea would become, in a very artistic way.

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  • Magiquest by Creative Kingdoms – DVD

    Theme Park Developer

    The world of magic has always be fascinating, but when it is mixed with a treasure hunt, it’s almost becomes addictive. To brand Magiquest, we created a mysterious, powerful and impressive visual that illustrates the game. Then we designed the DVD jacket and cover that was used in the promotional package.

  • Les Petits Bilingues – Signage

    English school as second language

    A business without a sign is a sign of no business. For “Les Petits Bilingues” located downtown Lille in France, it was key to make their business more visible by using their logo as a sign. The logo speaks for itself and convey what the school is about!