3 key marketing tips for business owners


In today’s overwhelming economy, business owners are pressured to do more with less. As a full-service agency, we would like to share three key marketing tips to achieve powerful marketing results.

Trap # 1: Spending that doesn’t create results.

One of our clients invested around $6,000 in optimizing their website prior to working with us. They paid $995 over six months to get a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company to submit their website and monitor their keywords—and didn’t get any tangible results. They then concluded that SEO didn’t work for them and gave up thinking about SEO for their website.

In time, the client reluctantly decided to give SEO a new shot with Not Maurice. After working together on their online presence strategy and implementation, we were able to double their traffic within two months for one quarter of the budget.

Ask yourself: “Where am I stuck with my marketing because I didn’t get results in the past?”

The Solution: create a cohesive marketing strategy and plan before you invest in order to maximize your return on investment.

Trap # 2: Leaving money on the table because your business online presence is not properly established.

You’ve just launched your business or product, and you’re tempted to let the whole world know you exist. You’ve identified your marketing strategy and you’re ready to move forward. But as an entrepreneur and business owner, the rush to create profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools may actually hinder your online presence. Establishing an efficient online presence requires clarity, expertise, consistency, forethought and an understanding of metrics. It is crucial to choose the right social media tools and properly establish them—as part of a whole marketing system that works for your business.

Frustration with social media tools is common, as most don’t know how to properly engage with their audience. Perhaps you’ve heard stories from entrepreneurs who express their frustrations about social media. Are you in this position? Do you wonder what else you can be doing to convert a virtual audience into real life customers?

The Solution: invest smartly in your online presence to create effective marketing strategies. Work with a social media strategist to uncover your best route to engaging with the online world.

Trap # 3: Working with several professionals in order to save money

In our day-to-day practice at Not Maurice, we are often amazed by the frustrations many business owners share with us. Common gripes include:
- The challenge to embrace new marketing tools while running their business in a very competitive market
- Working with unreliable freelancers who provide inadequate material or stop the job in the middle of a project
- The necessity to reiterate your visions and goals to your team of collaborators: graphic designers, web designers, printers and social media gurus.

Have you consider how you will get your support team organized? Is it possible to have everyone on the same page?

The Solution: Your dollars will go further when you choose an integrative approach. Choose one company that offers all the services you need to create your marketing and advertising campaign and eliminate wasted time.

Being aware of these traps will help you make better decisions for the future of your business.

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